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New Video Series Continues on YouTube

Our new video series, entitled Closed Circuit Sessions, continues on our YouTube channel. We covered the Internet-famous ode to Five Guys Burgers and Fries, “Oh My Dayum”.

P.O. YouTube Channel is a Thing

We are aware that there’s an invention called YouTube, and on this invention they show shows, or rather, videos of cats. With that in mind, we’ve been steadily starting to build up Possible Oscar’s YouTube channel to include actual stuff. We started by adding songs from our three albums, available for easy sharing. Now we also [...]

Possible Oscar Returns to CONvergence 2012

We are officially booked to perform at CONvergence 2012! Our show is Saturday, July 7 at 8:30PM in Harmonic CONvergence. So blow off the masquerade and check out some live comedy rock music!
As a promotion for the show, we prepared this short commercial.

In addition to YouTube, the commercial will air on the closed-circuit hotel television, [...]

Live Streaming at CONvergence

We will be making an attempt to stream our show at CONvergence today at 3:30 CST. Go to this URL to experience the magic.
We’ll be using a phone to do the streaming. I hope it works well enough to be watchable.

Announcing the “Rock Is FTW!” Video Contest

Possible Oscar recently released a new rock anthem entitled “Rock Is FTW!” We know the song has already changed your life for the better, and we can think of no better way for you to express that change than by capturing it on video. With that in mind, we are pleased to announce the “Work [...]