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News Archive for 2006

On the Rise

Well what do ya know? Possible Oscar’s “Earn Hollywood Earn” — which features the great Luke Ski and Sudden Death — landed at #3 in this week’s Funny Five on the Dr. Demento Show!
Thanks for all of your votes. We appreciate all the support.
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Storming the Charts

Holy cow, what a week it has been in Possible Oscar land. Firstly, “Earn Hollywood Earn” was selected to appear on volume 15 of Dr. Demento’s Basement Tapes. Now, P.O. has not one but TWO songs on this week’s Dr. Demento Show! “Dead Nintendo” made it’s debut on the program, and “Earn Hollywood Earn” shot [...]

One From The “Me Too” Department

“Earn Hollywood Earn” by Possible Oscar has been selected to be included on Dr. Demento’s Basement Tapes, Volume 15 CD, which you get when you join the Demento Society Fanclub for 2007! “Earn Hollywood Earn” features the great Luke Ski and Sudden Death. This is a very exciting event for me!

Looking Back

Well, it appears that my initial adventures with Possible Oscar are a success. The debut EP was completed in time, which was a huge deal for me. A few copies have been sold online. I have received some very positive comments from people. That makes me feel great and makes me want to get cracking [...]

Show Me the Money

I managed to sell a few Possible Oscar CDs at CONvergence. For those of you interested in getting one, you can now buy them direct from me via the magical InterWebNet by visiting possibleoscar.com. They cost a mere $5 — enough to cover my material costs and postage with enough left over to buy myself [...]