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CD Baby Pays 100% to Indie Artists

We interrupt our summer slumber to bring you this breaking news! For a few short days — 7/30 through 8/3 — the fine folks at CD Baby are doing something wonderful to help independent musicians. CD Baby is giving 100% of digital music sales to the artist without taking their customary cut. If you still [...]

New FuMP: “Underboob”

We’re back with our second new FuMP release of 2012. This little ditty is called “Underboob”. Here’s the description:
Food. Shelter. Fire. Man requires these things for life. But man also craves another thing that, while not essential for survival, certainly makes the whole struggle a bit easier to endure. We’re talking about boobs. Jugs. Sweater [...]

Sexy Time Has A New Soundtrack: New Song Released Today

We have a new song out today, and it’s guaranteed to make your intimate moments a bit nerdier. Head on over to The FuMP to download “Get Our Geek On” for a limited time only.

Possible Oscar Kicks In Doors of Rock Band Network

We made it at last! Today marks the debut of our first song on the Rock Band Network. “Dead Again” is now available in Rock Band for Xbox 360 for a mere $1.99 (160 MSP). Now you can rock out with your Posc out in the privacy of your own home. Pound the drums and [...]

“The Long Overdue EP” is No Longer Overdue — It’s Available!

The Long Overdue EP is now a reality! The EP is for sale as of today. This EP collects 8 tracks of acoustic music featuring new arrangements of some classic PO tracks along with new parodies and covers. $3.99 gets you a download; $4.99 (+ S&H) gets you a copy on CD. Head [...]