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415268596_806a378fa1.jpgIn a world that witnessed the tragic disintegration of The Nick Atoms, Bud Sharpe — erstwhile producer for The Nick Atoms and drummer in The Nick Atoms Orchestra — decided to face the gaping maw and strike out from behind the mixing console with a musical project of his own: Possible Oscar. At his side is the dependable and formidable Marshall Stanton, master of all stringed implements and the ancient art of Feng Shui. Together they travel the world of pop music, reimagining beloved hits with parodies both unique and not. Together they hold the fate of all mankind…

Possible Oscar’s music draws inspiration from a range of pop and geek culture subjects including movies, video games, and general nerdery. They have been played on the Dr. Demento Show and have appeared on the weekly Funny Five at least once.

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What makes these guys tick? Find out the real deal about Bud and Marshall.

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A complete and unabridged history of the Possible Oscar. To know where they are going, we must discover from whence they came.