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Compact Discs

The Long Overdue EP – $4.99

Acoustic reinterpretations, parodies, and covers at a special price.

Track List

  1. Pre-roll Chatter
  2. Talk Nerdy to Me
  3. Scrollin’
  4. All Out of Beer
  5. Living on a Roll and a Prayer
  6. I Kissed Cthulhu
  7. Wolverine (Don’t Stop Readin’)
  8. Defeat the Buzz

Individual Results May Vary – $9.99

Track List

  1. Rock is FTW!
  2. Press Start to Continue
  3. How We Recycle
  4. All Out of Beer [rock version]
  5. Sundae Chocolate Sundae
  6. That Calls for a Wilhelm Scream
  7. You Pay, We Play
  8. Intermission
  9. Kill The Enemies
  10. Dead Again
  11. If I Had a Rocket Launcher — with Insane Ian
  12. Take Back the Music — Sudden Death feat. Possible Oscar
  13. Filler
  14. What Does Tony Really Know
  15. Rock is FTW! (Reprise)
The Wrath of Con – $9.99

The first full-length album from Possible Oscar is the perfect blend of comedy, rock and hip hop. Buying a copy might save a child’s life.

Track List

  1. At The Con
  2. Raking The Lawn – featuring Worm Quartet
  3. Grammar Police
  4. Wolverine
  5. Dead Nintendo
  6. Earn Hollywood Earn – featuring the great Luke Ski, Sudden Death and Wyngarde
  7. The Blog Song
  8. My Figuas
  9. Talk Nerdy To Me
  10. Never Gonna Beat This Boss – featuring Carrie Dahlby
  11. Hayden Christensen
  12. The Room Party Song
  13. Captain Mal (Aiming To Misbehave)

Music Downloads

Our music downloads are now handled through Bandcamp. Please visit our Bandcamp store to purchase and download songs in a variety of formats.

Our music is also available in iTunes, Amazon MP3, eMusic, CD Baby, and other digital music retailers.