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Almost There

All vocals are recorded! There is some editing to do and final mixing and mastering yet to come. A day or two and we will have a finished album. Phew!

Recording Progress Report

Yesterday I got all of the major editing done on the new songs. I was also mixing as I went. That pretty much leaves lead and backing vocals left to do.
Today I finished all of the vocals for one song. I am waiting for one more part to be finished so I can check the [...]

Guess What?

Basic tracking for the first full-length Possible Oscar LP is complete! There are a few overdubs to do yet, a bit of editing to finish, and some final lead vocals to record. The best part is that I have all of next week off to finish it.
It will be done for MarsCon if it kills [...]

The Home Stretch

As promised, we have here another recording update. Here we go:
Song #1:
“Earn Hollywood Earn”, a parody of “Burn Hollywood Burn” by Public Enemy
This song skewers Hollywood and its lack of creativity with new projects. All tracking is complete for this star-studded adventure. There are guest appearances by the great Luke Ski and Sudden Death, as [...]

I Can See the Light

It’s time for another Possible Oscar recording update!
Song #1: I have all of the tracks! Now I can finish the mix with great haste. This one has been a long time in the making and I am really happy to have all of the pieces to the puzzle.
Song #2: No progress here. It’s the last [...]