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Welcome to our audio archive. Music is our bread and butter, and no, I don’t mean that it’s safe and flavorless and suitable only for basic sustenance. We rock, you know it, and the only thing left to do is to discover a new element so it can be named Poscarinium (and we’ll be stealing the symbol Po from Polonium — what have you done for the world, Polonium?).

Please enjoy listening to us make noise. Below is a collection of our songs available for listening, as well information on our releases through The FuMP.

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The FuMP Volume 55:12
The Wrath of Con2:35
The Wrath of Con4:11
The FuMP Volume 105:09
The Wrath of Con3:34
The Wrath of Con3:06
The FuMP Volume 94:46
The Wrath of Con4:13
The Wrath of Con4:57
The FuMP Volume 43:17
Art Paul Schlosser {The Tribute!}1:48
The FuMP Volume 163:14
The Wrath of Con1:27
The Wrath of Con3:17
The FuMP Volume 73:21
The Wrath of Con2:41
Greatest Hits3:16
The FuMP Volume 44:24
The Wrath of Con3:23
The FuMP Volume 34:05
The Wrath of Con0:33
The Wrath of Con4:58
The Wrath of Con4:04
The FuMP Volume 107:04
The FuMP Volume 85:16
Recent Releases on The FuMP.com

Get Our Geek On

A song nearly three years in the making — which is close to Possible Oscar’s last appearance on the FuMP — the Loggins and Messina of Minneapolis strike again. Although the gestation period was slow, we hope it was worth the wait. Played a few times live, this is the first time our soul-drenched ode to geek love has been bottled for private consumption. Prepare, fellow listeners, to get your geek on. Nine months from now, we’re all expecting a spike in the nerd population.


If you had mad skills in Microsoft Word, you’d brag about them too. This parody of a Limp Bizkit song — I know, I know; but we put our own slant on the music that we think you’ll find more palatable — is written from the perspective of an office Word superstar. Fun Fact: all four members of the band contribute vocal elements to this song.

Rock Is FTW!

What is ROCK?

Is it a feeling, or is it an attitude? Could it physically be in the blood that pumps through our imprisoned, slaves to the grindstone, five days a week bodies? For some, rock is an accepted form of popular music. For others, rock is a spiky wristband on a hairy fist punching an exploding oil tanker.

We all struggle with creation’s infinite question: “Why work when you can rock?” In the next two minutes and fifty two seconds, we will try to answer that question. What is rock?

For Possible Oscar, Rock is FTW.

Kill The Enemies

We welcome Jeff on drums and Nathan on bass to the band with our first new song in nearly a year, a parody of “Know Your Enemy” by Green Day about the arcade game Gauntlet. Why Gauntlet? Because it’s the original quarter-muncher, that’s why. This game robbed us of hours and hours — not to mention all of our paper route money — at the local arcades and bowling alleys back in the 1980s. More quarters, please!

USF’nA (Geographically Correct Version) (featuring Possible Oscar)   •  By Baldbox

From Baldbox:
Baldbox, the one-weekend wonder that wouldn’t die, proudly presents the one song on The Dumb Album that took half of that wonder-weekend to write.

After hearing this song, you may ask, “Baldbox, why do you hate America?” We don’t! We love America! We just hate every state in the Union.

So we wanted a surf rock shoutout style parody that insults all 50 states. But ShoEboX did not have a surf rock band in his basement [we looked], and we forgot Indiana [the "forgettable state" as their license plate boasts]. We used an old Yamaha keyboard with automatic beats to which the term “rock” had been quaintly applied, and so the version on the CD kinda blows [I know, shocker].

This version is much better. It features hypertalent chameleoncore band Possible Oscar, who just decided one day, out of the blue, on a whim, to be the surf rock band we always wanted but could never find. Even behind the water heater.