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News Archive for 2007

“Wilhelm Scream” No. 23 on Dr. Demento Funny 25

Our song “That Calls for a Wilhelm Scream” landed at No. 23 on the Dr. Demento Show Funny 25 for 2007! Many thanks go out to everyone who requested the song over the summer. “Wilhelm” had a good run on the show’s weekly Funny 5 then faded away, but in the end we held on [...]

Great, Another Thing to Update

I went and made a fan page on Facebook for Possible Oscar because, well, it was there. Stop on by and be our fan because that’s what true Americans do! Not an American? We don’t care! We love all people of the world, especially the ladies of the world. (That was a weak Flight of [...]

Plug It In, Plug It In

I just discovered a great plugin for WordPress that I want to pass along to my music-making friends who are using WP for their web sites. It’s called GigPress, and it’s purpose is to make it extremely easy to maintain a list of performances on a WordPress page.
So far I love it. It’s so [...]

Looking For Web Hosting

I’m getting closer to launching the Possible Oscar web site, so I’m beginning the search for hosting. The domain name is registered through Go Daddy, and I’m tempted to go with them for hosting as well, simply for the convenience of it all.
Does anyone have suggestions for reasonable hosts or horror stories about Go [...]

Con on the Cob Report

Oof. My day off is pretty much a wash. I’ve been so exhausted today still from all of the travel yesterday that I’ve been catching up on my TV rather than doing anything productive.
One thing I wanted to do for sure today was post a post-Con on the Cob report. I don’t think I’m going [...]