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Plug It In, Plug It In

I just discovered a great plugin for WordPress that I want to pass along to my music-making friends who are using WP for their web sites. It’s called GigPress, and it’s purpose is to make it extremely easy to maintain a list of performances on a WordPress page.
So far I love it. It’s so [...]

Looking For Web Hosting

I’m getting closer to launching the Possible Oscar web site, so I’m beginning the search for hosting. The domain name is registered through Go Daddy, and I’m tempted to go with them for hosting as well, simply for the convenience of it all.
Does anyone have suggestions for reasonable hosts or horror stories about Go [...]

Web Site Development Update

I’ve been working on a real honest-to-goodness web site for Possible Oscar (MySpace, for now) for a couple of weeks now. It’s been a long time coming, but I really held out for a good visual idea before I started the work. Since I’ve had the idea, progress has been swift.
The site is a culmination [...]