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My Figuas

A parody of “My Ni**as” by DMX

Just cause I love my figuas (hands to yourself, pal)
I spend cash for my figuas (go buy us some new friends)
Add another shelf for my figuas (can we get a hot tub too?)
All I wanna see is right here my figuas (we’re gonna need that extra bedroom)

You won’t take them from me baby!
You will not take them from me baby!
Ya know grrrrr

(My figuas) some figuas look all constipated
(My figuas) some figuas are articulated
(My figuas) from sci-fi properties represent
(My figuas) Star Trek (My figuas) Star Wars
(My figuas) come battle-ready striking a pose
(My figuas) use giant guns to vanquish all foes
(My figuas) have facial scars and changeable clothes
(My figuas) are bold (My figuas) so hot
(My figuas) combine to form a giant robot
(My figuas) have a cartoon where nobody gets shot
(My figuas) transform but they’re never Go-bots
(My figuas) are not (My figuas) unharmed
(My figuas) are mostly kept sealed mint on the card
(My figuas) make finding storage space rather hard
(My figuas) I had to build a shed in the yard
(My figuas) so far (My figuas) no fun
(My figuas) take up half of my weekly income
(My figuas) are a sickness that I suffer from
(My figuas) cause women to walk and then run
(My figuas) they run (My figuas) away (My figuas)