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USF’nA (Geographically Correct Version) (featuring Possible Oscar)

By Baldbox

From Baldbox:
Baldbox, the one-weekend wonder that wouldn’t die, proudly presents the one song on The Dumb Album that took half of that wonder-weekend to write.

After hearing this song, you may ask, “Baldbox, why do you hate America?” We don’t! We love America! We just hate every state in the Union.

So we wanted a surf rock shoutout style parody that insults all 50 states. But ShoEboX did not have a surf rock band in his basement [we looked], and we forgot Indiana [the "forgettable state" as their license plate boasts]. We used an old Yamaha keyboard with automatic beats to which the term “rock” had been quaintly applied, and so the version on the CD kinda blows [I know, shocker].

This version is much better. It features hypertalent chameleoncore band Possible Oscar, who just decided one day, out of the blue, on a whim, to be the surf rock band we always wanted but could never find. Even behind the water heater.