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We Are Open For Business

After months and months (and months) of development, tweaking and general apathy, we are happy to announce that the brand new official web site for Possible Oscar is now here! The new site features a host of new PO content including lyrics, videos, music and even some wacky downloads. Please stop by at your earliest convenience and let us know what you think of the new digs.

1 Response to We Are Open For Business
  1. LoonieBin

    Found a grammar mistake already!

    Sort of.

    On the About page, under History…the use of “from” before “whence” is frowned upon.

    “Although sometimes criticized as redundant on the grounds that “from” is implied by the word whence, the idiom from whence is old in the language, well established, and standard. Among its users are the King James Bible, Shakespeare, Dryden, and Dickens: Hilary finally settled in Paris, from whence she bombarded us with letters, postcards, and sketches. From thence, a parallel construction, occurs infrequently.”

    Your call.