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No MarsCon for Old Men (or Possible Oscar)

You may have seen the list of performers scheduled to appear at MarsCon 2010. You may have also noticed that Possible Oscar is not on that list. Yes, it’s true: we are not appearing at MarsCon 2010.

The main reason for our absence is the fact that Jared and John are appearing in that other band thing they do, The Nick Atoms. We’ll be performing an hour set as MarsCon 2010’s musical guests of honor. This show promises to be a audio/visual feast for the ages — or at least a way to ride out your evening buzz before heading to the 13th floor to refill your tankard.

This marks the first time Possible Oscar has not performed at MarsCon since our inception. I have it on good authority we’ll be back in 2011. Who knows, we might even have some new material by then.

Thanks for sticking with us. Now get out there and pre-register for MarsCon 2010 before the rate goes up after 10/31.

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