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Looking Back at MarsCon 2009

We survived MarsCon! Friday’s show was a blast, and by most accounts, a resounding success at ushering in the era of full-frontal Possible Oscar rock. I think they like us, they really like us. OK, a couple people complained that we were too loud — I would have thought the drums and guitar amps would have been a clue to what was coming.

Mighty thanks go out to everyone who came to our show. Also, thanks to the rest of the artists that made up another weekend of fabulous music, and resounding thanks to the great Luke Ski for his continued efforts to coordinate the Dementia music track at MarsCon.

The plan is to get photos from the weekend posted this week after they have been collected from various sources. I can’t promise to get the video up right away, but video was shot and will be shared eventually. We also want to get the “Throw Your Spock Up” T-shirts up on the web for sale.

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