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News Archive for 2009

PossibleOscar.com Updated to Latest WordPress

I was planning to upgrade this site to the latest version of WordPress for ages, but I never seemed to get around to it. I figured I would have some issues with the plugins I’m using since a few of them are customized, so upgrading wasn’t a task I relished undertaking. I did manage to [...]

Our Next FuMP Date Has Moved

Programming note: the debut of our next song on The FuMP has moved from September 8 to September 11. As expected, we will be commemorating Henry Hudson’s discovery of Manhattan Island in 1609.

More Dr. Demento Play for “Enemies”

“Kill The Enemies” continues to get played on the Dr. Demento Show, this time appearing on the August 16 show and the August 30 show. Sweet!
Thanks to everyone who has requested it. Please continue to request the song if you want it to appear on the show again, maybe even reaching the monthly top 10.

Possisble Oscar is on thesixtyone

Well, we’ve gone and created a profile on thesixtyone.com. We’ve gotten a good response so far. The site seems geared to social interaction and music discovery — and boy, do we need to be discovered! Stop by and throw some hearts our way.
I’m also enjoying the heck out of the site as a listener. I [...]

Dr. Demento Airplay

Possible Oscar made it on The Dr. Demento Show twice this weekend! Our latest song, “Kill The Enemies“, was played during the course of the show, and we rode the coattails of Baldbox and “USF’nA” to #2 on the monthly top 10 list.
Thanks to anyone who requested our song. Feel free to request them again.